Company History
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         In 1994 Lowell Harris founded Renewable Fiber Inc. The company began in Kingsport, TN. as a sales agent of cotton linter pulp.Today Renewable fiber has a patent on an inside out cutting design that has become an important tool for cutting synthetic fiber for a number of markets.
        The company expanded to take advantage of Lowell's 22 years of experience in the sale of synthetic fiber. His sales experience included the sale of fiber into such markets as nonwoven, filtration, the replacement of asbestos in paint and coating, the wet lay paper process, friction, refactories, and other matrixes. These markets favored short fibers 1/4" or less cut with the precision of an inside-out cutter. If you are looking for a cutter to help in batch feeding our newest cutter will help you with a more consistant feed.
        We are very competitive in custom cutting. Ask us for a quote. We will be happy to talk with you on what is needed to get the ball rolling.
        With the latest technology in precision cutting Renewable Fiber Inc. is providing products and services to assure your company has the fiber cutters it needs to be sucessful.
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